Miroku Corporation




Miroku Techno Wood Co. Ltd. was established in 1999 by joint investment with Tokai Rika Co., Ltd. Since then, this company continuously produce wooden steering wheels made of “Walnut”, “Maple”, and “Bamboo” using technology of the gun stock of Miroku Group.

These solid-wood steering wheels are well accepted by the customers as Lexus and Toyota brands.

The creation of beautiful wood grain and wood warmth has been adopted in 2017 as a walnut support post of Panasonic's premium fan, and in 2018 as a bamboo housing of DENON's top level headphone.

Since its establishment, "the skill of the Takumi" has been cultivated from manufacturing of firearms, and "challenge spirit" to boldly challenge to new areas are in our heart. We will continue to pursue what Miroku can do, and actively take on new challenges for value creation.