Miroku Corporation




Our Miroku Group started firearms production in 1893, then established predecessor company in 1946, and expanded its business through tie-up with Browning Arms Company in USA so far. On the other hand, since 1971, we established machine tool business, which is the second business segment nowadays, through production of gun drilling machines, machine tools and contrat work of deep hole drilling. Also, we started production of wooden steering wheels, of which its technology came from our gun stock production, in 1999 and grew up to the third business segment in our group. By setting Miroku group corporate philosophy, HONESTY - A shortest way to build a trust by being true and honest -, we will expand and strengthen each business as a global niche top player. Also, by using our core technology and network cultivated so far, we will develop new business, collaborating with outside organization. We will provide all customers with the quality products and services in order to give them outstanding pleasure and happiness, and continue this challenge to the world over.