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Miroku Quality is the essence of our business activities, and generated by our inquiry mind for gun making
with more than a century of history and tradition since our foundation.
It is a pursuit of technology and technique, manufacturing the best products, and precisely a passion for manufacturing.
This pride of Miroku, which was continuously taken from our forerunners, would be further passed down to the new generations.
We will also innovate advanced technologies aggressively, and provide our customers with the best products for years to come.
In doing so, our people of Miroku Group will work on “Manufacturing” with honesty endlessly.

Pursuing an optimum balance between traditional hand craftsmanship
and modern industrial technology.
Firearms Business

With the craftsmen’s skills and passion that go into manufacturing, "products" beautifully become "works of art". Manufacturing of firearms is based on "Safety", "Accuracy", "Toughness" and "Artistry". Since our foundation in 1893, Miroku products which came from a fusion of craftsmen’s skills and leading-edge engineering, have been well accepted by the hunters and shooters around the world for its high quality and artistry. It is our eternal theme to have coexistence of "Handcrafted Warmth" and "Quality" in our products.READ MORE


Providing the best technologies came from
the viewpoint of manufacturing frontline.
Machine Tool Business

Miroku Machine Tool, Inc. was established in 1976 to sell gun drilling machines which had been originally used at our firearms factory. Since then, we have supplied these products to a variety of customers of the automotive and semiconducting world, including hole making for mold building, hydraulic machine, and flat-panel display. The gun drilling machine was born from firearms manufacturing with high precision. This persistency to precision, attitude of perfect manufacturing, and manufacturing in accordance with the customer's request are supporting production activities of many customers. “Miroku Machine Tool, Inc. is deeply familiar with manufacturing and bring reliance”, such customer evaluation is our great pleasure and pride. READ MORE


Providing traditional technique of wood products
accepted by the Japanese leading brands.
Automotive Parts Business

Our group company started to supply solid-wood steering wheels, which were first-ever introduction for Toyota, in 1997. “Walnut”, originally used for our gun stocks, has natural warmth beauty and persistence. Additionally, the material range was widen to “Maple” commonly used for expensive furniture and violins, and “Bamboo” originally used for the Japanese traditional crafts. Miroku’s craftsmen’s skills and passion for manufacturing of natural wooden products are continuously accepted by the customers all over the world through Toyota and Lexus brands.


Miroku Techno Wood Co. Ltd.
Production department

Takao Ooi