Miroku Corporation



Miroku Group Corporate Philosophy


- A shortest way to build a trust by being true and honest -

Our Mission

We, at Miroku Group (the "Company"), provide the quality products and services to the world over.
Our purpose is to produce the best product and service experiences to our customers and stakeholders.

Our Promises

  • No. 1

    We highly value our customers.

    We will keep working on better quality of our products and services. We will keep the promise of contract quality level and delivery period. We will work hard to produce next-gen products and services that will exceed the customer’s expectations.

  • No. 2

    We highly value our people in the Company.

    We view human resources development of each member of the Company is essential for our growth. We will work hard to make a positive workplace and fair personnel system for a peace of mind and a better financial shape of each member.

  • No. 3

    We highly value our business partners.

    Our products and services are being made with a big help from our business partners – product or component suppliers and service providers. We view them as essential to our business. We continue to build a strong relation with them, and will work together for the mutual prosperity.

  • No. 4

    We highly value our local community.

    We recruit our people locally. Through the sustainable growth of the Company, we contribute to the job creation of our local community. We also work hard to lower the environmental impacts by our business operations. In doing so, we closely live with our local community in harmony.

  • No. 5

    We highly value our shareholders.

    We focus on making the Company with higher level of transparency in management and operations. We keep challenging in making products and services always ahead of our times. In doing so, we will make the Company attractive to our shareholders. We will seek to produce a sound and solid profit.

Action Guidelines for Our People

  • 01

    Have a clear vision, strategy and action programs in your business segment.
    Put your mind and energy, and work hard to deliver the good results for your business segment.
  • 02

    Not just follow the instructions by the head of your business segment but also think by yourself, and take action in a proactive manner.
  • 03

    Don’t seek to find excuses for not doing the difficult jobs. Instead, think hard to how you can work it out and make it happen. Don’t give up easily. Think hard and deliver the actions and good results.
  • 04

    Never be afraid to make waves. Connect and discuss freely and positively with your people of various business segments. Such open discussions should be conducted regardless of each member’s age or job position.
  • 05

    Focus not only on individual performance and results but also on team’s performance and results.
  • 06

    Every day, work hard to make you a better person, and improve your job skills and knowledge.
  • 07

    Let’s make a job that could be respected by your family members and your friends.
    And most important of all, it should be something that you can be proud of by yourself.

Date of enactment 2015.11.01